Art Statement

My artwork explores the connection of darkness and light within us, the complexity of layers that we show to others and to ourselves. Covering and uncovering, scratching to unveil the essence.

As an artist by passion and psychologist by training, I am interested in exploring the unconscious and human process that we all go through when embraced in an act of spontaneous creativity, without preconceived ideas. Painting for me is a way to be open to the moment, to be fully present in my body and mind.  

My work process is exploratory, always venturing into unknown territory, utilizing multiple materials and textures. I work with pouring mediums, fluid acrylics, resins and pigments that allow me a flowing movement and to be surprised every time.

I work through several paintings at once, mixing, dripping, scratching painting, covering, uncovering, brushing and scratching again… until I get to a place with each piece that reflects a moment in time, the unexpected.

The colors and textures of the desert inspire me and remind me of my home country, Chile, connecting me to my origins. The combination of natural and mineral colors result in images seem directly related to patterns found throughout the natural world, rather microscopic or aerial.